Alberta's Oil & Gas

We recognize that  Alberta deserves to get more value for our resources.


We are focused on increasing the volume of oil and gas that is processed, upgraded and refined here in Alberta; creating jobs, investment and prosperity in Alberta.

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On Pipelines

  • NO ONE has fought harder for a pipeline than our leader, Rachel Notley.

  • Premier Notley shifted Canadians’ opinion of Alberta's industry; 4/10 Canadians were supportive of a pipeline in 2015, now it's 7/10.

  • Premier Notley’s diplomacy, and willingness to cooperate with stakeholders, indigenous groups and unrelenting fight for Alberta is unprecedented.

  • In contrast: what the Federal Court said about the Kenney/Harper government’s failure to consult with Indigenous people before approving the Northern Gateway Pipeline: “…the inadequacies—more than just a handful and more than mere imperfections—left entire subjects of central interest to the affected First Nations, sometimes subjects affecting their subsistence and well-being, entirely ignored.”

  • The Notley government is "doing it right the first time," so that we're not delayed mid-construction once projects are approved. The process takes time, but helps ensure a successful project from start to completion.

  • The reality is that the entire energy industry globally is changing, consolidating and restructuring — independent of any government or regulation.

  • Many companies have been hoping to implement climate action plans for decades but needed financial support and stability to do so, the Notley government has provided both.

Are we leaders or are we Blockbuster Video?
  • Steps taken now within the oil sector to advance technology will put Alberta at the leading edge of the industry that is already moving in that direction.

  • Alberta has added value to our resources; partial upgrading, straddle plants and gas-to-plastics facilities are coming online.

  • Rachel Notley has set bold new diversification targets; to double available incentives, from $3.6 to 7 billion, aimed at creating jobs and adding value to more of Alberta’s oil and gas exports over the next decade.

  • By 2030, this is expected to leverage a total of $75 billion in global value-added energy investment and create 70,000 good jobs by significantly increasing the volume of oil and gas that is processed, upgraded or refined in Alberta before it’s exported.