On the Climate

Leadership Plan

The Price on Carbon
  • Every postal code in Alberta has benefited from the price on carbon.

  • Families or individuals making below $95,000 or $45,000, respectively, will pay nothing! In total, 60% of Albertans will get a full or partial rebate.

  • The price on carbon pays for $220 million in  tax cuts for small businesses.

  • The revenue can is is only being used for climate related projects in 300 communities; including the Green Line CTrain project in Calgary and a new LRT in Edmonton

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Supporting our energy sector in a changing world
  • The plan works to reward those taking strides in accountability to the planet and tax the worst polluters. 

  • The plan is creating incentive and competition within the industry to update their technology without heavy-handed government regulation

  • Many companies have had climate action plans for decades, collecting dust on the shelf. They needed the support, stability and subsidies from a government to implement those plans. Notley has provided that.

  • On a world stage many oil companies are promoting our climate leadership plan, including the carbon tax. 

  • The Climate Leadership Plan is expected to cut emissions by 20 million tonnes by 2020, and 50 million tonnes by 2030. The equivalent of taking 10.6 million cars off the road.

"I don't think it's appropriate even to be joking about climate change at this point, when the overwhelming consensus from scientists across the world is that climate change presents a very real and present danger to the planet, to Canadians and to Albertans," Stein told CBC News.

"So I just don't think it's appropriate, even if it's taken out of context or a joke, I think it's something that should be taken very seriously."

Jordan Stein, CBC News, Mar 15, 2019 - UCP Candidate calls climate change "a good think for some"

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