The Growing Economy &

the Diversification plan

  • With a 4.9% increase, Alberta led the country in GDP growth in 2017, and a recent forecast by the Conference Board of Canada says Alberta will once again lead Canada in GDP growth in 2020.

  • Retail sales are up! Only Alberta and BC showed a 2% growth across Canada.

  • Growth “feels different” because we’re growing in a sustainable way, stepping off the tired boom-and-bust roller coaster.

Alberta's Economy
Our Diversification Plan

"As a born-and-raised Calgarian. I'm tired of the boom-and-bust roller coaster. I'm excited to be a part of a team that is committed to a plan that will create more reliable and sustainable prosperity for Alberta for generations to come. "

Ensuring Alberta is prepared to meet burgeoning global demand in emerging markets

  • The Notley government is committed to helping Albertans be prepared for the workforce of the future.

  • Rachel Notley committed to providing post-secondary institutions with stable and predictable funding increases of two per cent to the Campus Alberta base operating grant, and creating the first of 3,000 planned “tech seats” in Alberta post-secondaries.

  • Alberta's NDP Leader also committed to invest $100 million in artificial intelligence technology, making Alberta one of the most attractive destinations for companies such as Amazon, Google and Aurora Cannabis.


My fiance & I in front of our coffee shop

 Calgary, 2018 

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Helping Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
  • Along the way, Notley partnered with entrepreneurs to make it easier for businesses to thrive. Under Notley’s watch, Alberta has cut small business taxes by a third.

  • Every dollar invested in the Capital Investor Tax Credits has helped leverage $22 in new private investment, paying for new machinery, equipment and buildings that help businesses succeed.

  • Notley’s team has made financing easier for start-ups; by making thousands of loans more readily available with a $1.5 billion increase to ATB Financial’s borrowing limits.

  • Rachel Notley and her team worked with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to establish a $1-billion fund for new business loans, along with mentoring supports.

  • The new Alberta Investor Tax Credit, implemented by Rachel Notley has provided refunds to hundreds of small business on green technology investments.