Women in Alberta

With the most gender balanced caucus in Alberta's history, good things happen. 

Getting Better Value for our Resources
Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 9.35.43 AM.png

The first government since Premier Lougheed to actually diversify our energy sector and get better value for our resources. 

Attracting Billions in private investment and creating jobs. 

Balancing the Budget

We care about fiscal responsibility. 

We are keeping promises, cleaning up our infrastructure after years of unkept promises to Albertans. 

We still have the best balance sheet in the country. 

Fighting for Pipelines

Rachel is the Alberta Premier Canada is listening too. Telling Alberta's story, illustrating the value we provide and earning the respect of Canadians across the country. 

Getting it done right the first time.

On Climate Action

Every single postal code in the province has benefited from the carbon tax. 

It's not costing everyday Albertans. 

We can't afford to go backwards. 

It's working. 

Leading Economic Growth 

We're going where the puck is going.

Investing in industries to help Alberta meet burgeoning global demand. 

Tech, anyone?