We are in the midst of a world that is changing at an accelerated rate. The planet is warming and the cost of ignoring this reality will be disastrous both for our economy and our way of life.  

As a start-up entrepreneur, I want to champion Made-In-Alberta solutions and businesses that are supporting our ressource industry, improving our environmental impact and helping Alberta prosper in a changing world. 

We should not be hopeless, for there is also great opportunity for our province to be leaders in meeting burgeoning global demand in clean tech, innovation and attracting talent and investment to our city and our energy industries. 
As Calgarians, we are innovators, we are pioneers, we are also currently on of the top 5 global destinations for clean tech in the world. Let's do the right thing and move forward together. 
Let's go where the puck is going...

Human Rights

As a woman...

I believe strongly that governments should reflect the incredible diversity of our country. Did you know that Canada, at 26%, is ranked 61st in the world in terms of female representation in the House of Commons, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.  It's time for that to change.


Climate Action

As an Albertan...

Alberta’s energy economy is not at odds with decisive climate action, in fact it requires it.  I heard from thousands of Calgarians about their aspirations for city, how we could achieve prosperity, and be responsible to the future of our planet and generations to come.  This can and must be achieved by supporting our industry through this global transition and diversifying our economy. 


Standing Up

As a candidate...

As a candidate for Rachel Notley’s team during the provincial election, I shared with voters what I believe are the qualities that make us all Albertans: We are pioneers and we do not shy from challenges. In these divisive times, it is critical that we insist upon building a vision for tomorrow not just harkening back to the past or exploiting the fears of today.

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Natural Ressources

As a former Oil & Gas worker...

I know firsthand how important the energy sector is to our economy and how important it is for governments to foster responsible growth and provide stability to the natural resource sectors that this province and this country depends on. I also know that growing the economy goes hand-in-hand with demonstrating proactive climate leadership.


Our Values

As a teacher in India...

WhenI taught English to the marginalized Muslim and Dalit population in Bihar, India. I taught students to respect each other’s differences.. I am proud to live each day upholding our Canadian values. It is critical that these defining values are modelled by our government and that we continue to be model citizens of the world.


Fighting for Jobs

As a representative for Flight Attendants...

At WestJet, I was chosen to represent flight attendants in the early days of Encore. I negotiated with upper management on behalf of crews to ensure that the wellbeing of workers were protected and that the company could continue to grow and prosper.