women in Alberta

"These are some of the accomplishments of the Notley government over the past four years. I hope to continue in the spirit of these efforts and I am committed to upholding these values." 

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  • Women are doing better now than before the recession. Job gains for women in their so-called “prime working years” (25 to 54), were the best since the early '90s.

  • In the past four years, legislation has been introduced and passed that protects a woman's right to access health care services, survivors of sexual violence and persons trying to escape domestic violence.

  • The Notley government raised the minimum wage to $15/hour from $10.20 in 2015 (consider that 63% of low-wage earners in Alberta are women, and living wage was defined as $18.10 per person for a family of four in 2018).

  • The provincial government piloted and expanded $25-a-day childcare, which supports women entering the workforce.

  • We have seen child poverty cut in half, the lowest in Canada "by a country mile" thanks in part to the Alberta Child Benefit.